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Love Is In... The ‘Little Things’! (This Show Will Be AWESOME)

Love Is In... The ‘Little Things’! (This Show Will Be AWESOME)

“Message me when you reach home”, “Did you eat your lunch”, “How was your day, baby?” - If you have someone who asks you these questions, then you’re really lucky. Love is a beautiful feeling and when you have that one person in your life who’s always there for you, there’s nothing in this world that can pull you down. Love is not just about great, grand gestures, it’s also about the little things you do for each other. Dice Media released the trailer of their new web series - Little Things - and it’s just so adorable. It tells you exactly why love is all about the small, little things that you do for each other. We all remember Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal, lead actors of Little Things, from so many Filter Copy videos - they are just SO good together! This web series is a story about this couple who lives together and is in love. Their fun-filled journey, the small, everyday moments they share with each other is what the story is all about. We can’t wait to watch this one! So here, watch the trailer for now and stay tuned for the first episode of this series, which is releasing on 26th October. Also watch: The Perfect Affair? This Series Is HOTTER Than “Fifty Shades”!
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Published on Oct 24, 2016
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