Rejoice! There Are 157 New Emojis Coming To Your Phone In 2018

Rejoice! There Are 157 New Emojis Coming To Your Phone In 2018

Remember the good ol' days when sending an SMS to a person involved pressing three keys on a bulky keypad to type the letter you want, and gathering your thoughts in a 160 character limit?

Look at us now! We can create entire sentences and even stories on our apps without using words at all - because emojis are the best thing that has happened to us, thanks to the evolution of technology!

And speaking of emojis, The Unicode Consortium has announced a list of 157 new emojis coming to smartphones in 2018, and we are so excited! From the different hair options that will now be available (red, white, curly), to new species of animals such as kangaroo, peacock, badger and hippopotamus, there's a little emoji for everyone to look forward to.

Although there are actually only 77 new emojis, some of them have more than one skin tone option, leading to a total of 157 new emoji versions.

Some of the emoji faces that are going to be introduced include the 'Pleading Face', 'Partying Face', 'Hot Face', 'Cold Face', 'Woozy Face' and 'Face With 3 Hearts'. Comic book fans can also definitely rejoice, as the 'Superhero' and 'Supervillain' emojis are also going to be making an appearance.

According to a report by Tech Crunch, People working for Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft all participate in the emoji subcommittee, that form the members of The Unicode Consortium. Emoji experts, such as Emojipedia editor Jeremy Burge, also participate, and after months of discussions, they come up with a list of new characters and vote for a new release of Unicode.

Sample designs for the new emojis are discussed for months before being put to a vote and then tweaked for different operating systems. So they are likely to look different when they eventually release.

Here are the sample designs of what the new emojis will look like.

internal 1 - new emojis 2018

internal 2 - new emojis 2018

internal 3 - new emojis 2018

internal 4 - new emojis 2018

The new emojis will make an appearance on your phones by August or September 2018. It's going to be a long wait, but in the meantime, here's a first look video on the new emojis that should keep us happy through all the months of waiting!

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Images: Emojipedia