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Pinterest's New All-Inclusive Beauty Update Is A Real Game Changer!

Pinterest's New All-Inclusive Beauty Update Is A Real Game Changer!

I always refer to Pinterest before I head to the salon to try out a new hairdo. It's a haven full of inspiration, colour and the best artists from around the world. Having said that, sometimes it can take multiple pins and boards to find the right look for my hair texture, length or colour. I was stoked to find out about Pinterest's new search capabilities. That's right, you can further refine your search results on the basis of your skin tone or hair texture. 

To test it out, I went to the website and looked for "hairstyles for medium-length hair".

pinterest new features 2

While there were many options to choose from, I further customized the search by adding "brown" and "layers" to the mix.

pinterest new features 3

Ah, much closer to what I wanted.

Next up in line was makeup. So I wrote my two favourite words on Pinterest's search engine: natural makeup. And viola! There were 4 skin tone themed shade cards that showed up on top. Here is the difference in all four searches.

pinterest new features 5

pinterest new features 6

pinterest new features 7

Pinterest's new update is more just than a timesaver. It's also a small step in making beauty all-inclusive. 

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