This Electric Make-Up Trend Is Going To Make Your Diwali LIT AF!

This Electric Make-Up Trend Is Going To Make Your Diwali LIT AF!

There’s a reason why beauty is a $445 billion industry. Make-up can not only accentuate your best features, but it also has the ability to trick the eye in your favour. For example, a dip brow pomade can be used to create the illusion of braided brows. Also, while using two lip colours, with clever placement, you can paint your pout to appear larger or smaller. Contour, in fact, can sculpt fake shadows to shape your face. With new Instagram beauty trends, it feels like make-up itself has gone through a next level makeover. What’s next level you may ask? Welcome electric make-up, a style full of pops of neon.

This was one of the first few posts that recently went viral on Instagram but the look was first tried by Genevieve Jauquet in 2016.   

With the kind of illusion designed by electric make-up, it’s hard to tell if it’s done with a glowing make-up stick or talent. But in most of the cases, it definitely looks like the Floating Crease trend is now having a party. And no, we are not talking about the regular bright shade of lipsticks and mascaras we sport in the summer or at day events. This technique mimics the fluorescent Diwali lights we use sometimes. It actually looks like you’ve taken a piece of blacklight and have precisely pasted it on your eyes, lips or cheeks. But, that’s not how it’s done.

Make-up artists are using white eyeliner and shocking bright eyeshadows to light up your beauty goals. You first layer your eyelid with an eyeshadow of your preference, then you go ahead painting a fine stroke of white eyeliner over the shadow. And once that is done, you smudge it with the shadow below it with easy pressure. The next step is to apply the eyeshadow colour you would prefer to pop on your white eyeliner with a brush. Blend it from the edges and make your halo thicker. Now add a layer of neon eyeliner in the pop colour you chose over the white eyeliner. The last step is to add another layer of white eyeliner but keep it thinner this time and voila! You’re done.

Surprisingly, unlike other trends, this one isn’t limited to one facial feature. You can create this perfect-for-Halloween look for your eyes, lips, cheeks and forehead.   

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The trend shows no sign of leaving anytime soon so you might as well try it yourself. Here are a few looks to pull your creativity up a notch.

This two-toned take on the trend is created by French make-up artist Marion Moretti. In case you want to try black or any dark shade of eyeshadow, this is one of the best ways to do it. You can watch her step-by-step guide to achieving this look.

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You might be playing with neons but there’s no reason for you to limit those lines with black shadow. Use any background colour you like, and remember to layer your white liner before and after you start patting on your eyeshadow to give that popped effect.

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You can extend the looks as much as you like, don’t be afraid to explore. You can take it onto the inner corner of your eye, go ahead with long straight shape of the liner instead of a curve or even short pink ones. Just expand your horizon because the options are many.

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Colourful cut crease? Yes, please. There’s always a rainbow version to every cool beauty trend. If you prefer this combined-colours version of a self-taught make-up artist, Jane Doe over the other, just be sure to blend before you move to the next shade to avoid the mudded look.

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You’ll be surprised to see how diverse this trend is, it looks good on every skin type. Layer your neon over smokey eye and go bold with dark lip colour.

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You always have an option of highlighting just one feature of yours and combine with other beauty trends like colour contrasting make-up and paint-splattered lips.

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So, when going subtle with your outfits, go crazy with the neon make-up trend. We are sure, you’ll nail it.