Exclusive: Bigg Boss 12 Ex-Contestant Nehha Pendse Says No One Is Real On The Show

Exclusive: Bigg Boss 12 Ex-Contestant Nehha Pendse Says No One Is Real On The Show

Nehha Pendse made a grand entry in Bigg Boss Season 12 during the launch episode and captivated us with her million-dollar smile. She entered the house and instantly clicked with two other celebrities, Dipika Kakar Ibrahim and Karanvir Bohra. Their friendship did stand the test of time. This trio was not only supportive of each other during the tasks but they helped each other realise their mistakes.

While Nehha was one of the most composed and logical contestants in the house, who never picked a fight with someone unnecessarily, she lost her cool during the lava tasks and exchanged words with fellow contestant Saba. She went to the jail because she volunteered for it and also got punished for being an unfair spectator during the captaincy task between Shivashish, Somi and Surbhi.

In a shocking twist, Nehha was evicted last weekend from the Bigg Boss house. The actress who made an impression on viewers with her graceful conduct and stunned us all with her incredible dance moves thanked her fans after her exit and said, "My journey has just begun," in a tweet.

The talented actress has had a two-decade-long career in the industry, but Bigg Boss has made her a household name. She has previously acted in many Marathi and plenty of films down South. Apart from playing the role of the protagonist Sanjana in the hit television show May I Come In Madam? the actress has also been a part of TV shows like Comedy Dangal, Entertainment Ki Raat and Family Time With Kapil Sharma. 

In an exclusive interview with POPxo, Nehha talks about her experience and eviction from Bigg Boss Season 12. Read on!

Nehha Pendse Talks About Her Eviction- Nehha laughing

What is your equation with Dipika?

I have great regards for Dipika and I would definitely want to meet her after the show. In the house, everyone has a certain mask on them and they are not their true self, so I want to meet a lot of them later to get to know them in reality and not the game.

People think you didn't have an opinion or a viewpoint, what do you have to say about that?

Tell me one thing, if I’m with my friend and I agree with what she’s saying, why would I keep saying something just for the heck of it? If two people are talking it would look stupid if I keep opposing what the other person is saying. But that doesn’t at all mean that I don’t have an opinion of my own. When people say I wasn’t visible in the house, it’s because my equation with everyone was good. When I wasn’t targeted, then how will I be visible? If you see even Dipika did nothing wrong, maybe once or twice she said something but that’s only human, but she was still targeted every week. 

Who do you think will get evicted next?

I think either Urvashi or Sourabh but I think Urvashi has a bigger chance.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in the house?

Nehha Pendse Talks About Her Eviction- Nehha reading

One of the biggest challenges I faced was that it’s very difficult to have a point of view about something the happened when you weren’t around. Everyone who will tell you what happened will do so with their own take on the matter and look for their own benefits, so that’s one thing I struggled with.

Who do you think will win the show?

Right now, it’s too early to say anything about winning, every week you’ll see that the game is changing and someone else is coming out stronger. By the 12th or the 13th week, can you really tell who will win and who won’t. But if I had to say, it would be Romil because he is playing the game. He is using his brain and compared to everyone he is the wittiest and has a great chance of making it.

Who will you want to keep in touch with after the show?

Everyone. I think outside of the house everyone will be really nice and genuine. Right now they are all playing a game and have a mask over them, but outside I would like to see them in the true world in the true sense. 

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