Neha Dhupia Reveals The First Word She Taught Mehr & It's Not 'Mummy' Or 'Papa'

Neha Dhupia Reveals The First Word She Taught Mehr & It's Not 'Mummy' Or 'Papa'

At a time when the crime rate against women is on a steady rise in our country, actor Neha Dhupia's choice of teaching her little daughter the relevance of consent is completely justified. The actress has some early lessons for Mehr as she takes baby steps (quite literally) towards beginning to understand people and the world around her. 

Neha was currently in the national capital for the audition of her show, Roadies. In an interview with a leading daily, she revealed the first word that she taught her daughter. And guess what, it wasn't the usual 'mummy' or 'papa' which most of the parents teach their infants--the word was 'bas'. "She should know when to say enough. If the food being fed is too much she says 'bas', if she is being forced to do anything or if somebody is pulling her cheeks more than she would like, she knows that she has to say 'bas'. She knows how to say no," shared the 39-year-old actress. Wow!


Neha further added that strong women should raise strong daughters and that she tells her daughter to simply say if she isn't comfortable with something around her. "The other day she was playing, and somebody tickled her and she said 'bas, bas'. So, she knows when she has to say no, and she would apply it for the rest of her life now," said the actress.

She further said that while she respects parents who have huge aspirations about which institution their child should go to, she, as a mother, wants to raise her daughter believing that she has a voice and she should know how to exercise the power of that voice.

This isn't the first time Neha adopted what seems to be a rather much-needed approach towards being a parent. Ever since she became a mother, the actress has advocated for normalcy around the idea of breastfeeding in public. During World Breastfeeding Week last year, she took to Instagram to stress on the same topic. Take a look at the video shared by her.

More power to you, super-mom! On the work front, Neha is currently hosting radio chat show called, No Filter Neha, and was last seen in Helicopter Eela (with Kajol) and Karan Johar's segment of Lust Stories. 

Featured Image: Instagram