Is Neha Dhupia Pregnant? Baby Or No Baby, We're So Happy For This Newlywed Couple!

Is Neha Dhupia Pregnant? Baby Or No Baby, We're So Happy For This Newlywed Couple!

Bollywood has been one big whirlwind of parties for the past month. It all started with Sonam's wedding extravaganza where each day my Instagram feed was buzzing with photos and videos of the celebration. But you know what, drunken videos of celebs singing and dancing is exactly what I live for. 

Post that, I was pleasantly surprised when Neha Dhupia announced her wedding to best friend Angad Bedi. The two took to social media to share photos of their intimate ceremony and everyone was left gushing over the naye dulha-dulhan.

It was so out of the blue that even close celeb friends of the couple were taken by surprise. The entire affair had been kept under wraps as both Angad and Neha wanted to share the moment with just their close friends and family.

But kids, be ready for another bomb drop!

According to rumours, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are all set to add another member to their tiny family. Yes, that's right, Neha is allegedly pregnant! 

The couple themselves have refused to comment on the controversy. However, her daddy dearest, Pradip Dhupia has taken matters into his own hands and crushed the rumours. In a recent interview, he point-blank refused all the news about a lil one on the way.

He said, "No no... there is no such thing at all. Since the two got married early, people are thinking otherwise. But there is no such thing. People will keep talking about things and spread rumours as per their wish.”

So guys, whoever got super-duper excited about this 'good news', I think you'll have to wait for a little while longer. 'Coz looks like it isn't true.

Neha Dhupia has been under a lot of public scrutiny since her wedding, mainly because she is 37 years old while Angad is 35. And desi trolls have to obviously live up to their name so they have been taking digs at the Ek Chalis Ki Last Local actor for marrying a younger guy. Well, I personally just don't get it, age is just a number after all!

But neither the couple nor their family have let any of this affect them. In fact, Neha's father even added that the intimate wedding was something both the families wanted to observe.


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He said, "It was decided by both the families and the couple as they didn't have much time because of their respective work commitments. We only got a day or two to make all the wedding arrangements after the date was finalised."

Pradip also cutely added that the entire fam-bam knew about their friendship and were all just waiting for Neha and Angad to come and speak to them. It was an instant yes when they finally did!

So baby or no baby, we'll have to wait and see. But either way, we're happy for the newlyweds on this new and exciting journey they've embarked on.