Manicure Motivation: 6 Negative Space Nail Art Designs That You Can Try At Home

Manicure Motivation: 6 Negative Space Nail Art Designs That You Can Try At Home

The three beauty rituals that make me feel put together every time is a poppy lipstick, loads of mascara, and having my nails perfectly manicured. Even though salons have opened, I'm sceptical about stepping inside because they're high touch places and with the current coronavirus numbers in India I am surely not going to risk it. So if I do have to do my nails, I've to do them myself. 

When I was browsing for designs on Instagram, I came across the negative nail art trend that's taking over 2020. It's fun, quirky and it's the activity that you can perfect during social distancing. Trust us, by the time we have a vaccine for this virus, you'll be a nail art pro. 

Here Are Some Negative Space Nail Art Ideas For You To Try This Weekend

Let's get nailing...

Holographic Mosaic

If you're missing the gorgeous architecture of Europe and still crying over your summer vacay plans then your nails can pay a tribute to them. These are holographic and look remind me of the stained glass on Roman cathedrals. Super cool, right?


Magic Mirror Kit

INR 650 AT Colorbar

The Stars Shine At Night

This is a relatively subtle one with only black and clear nail paint being used. If you are a night owl and feel most awake and alive at 3 am, then you can do up your nails with this cute moon and stars design. 


Le Vernis Nail Polish - N04 Noir Interdit


Emoji Game Super Strong

Anyway, you're spending all your day on the phone, might as well have some aspect of your digital life on your body as well. The cute emojis all over will remind you to smile and take a break every now and then when 2020 gets a little too stressful.


MyGlamm LIT Matte Nail Polish- Clapback

INR 220 AT MyGlamm

Stitch It Up

This nail art is great for when you want something out of the box but not OTT. This design has been inspired by the stitch in clothes and looks amazing. It's a fun use of negative spaces on your nails to make them look fun without too much effort.


O.P.I Natural Nail Strengthener


Polka Dots Party

Even though 2020 is dull, your nails don't have to be. This nail art for those people (me) who can't pick one shade for their nails. Guess what? You don't have to! Paint polka dots on your nails and feel like you're back to your childhood in the best possible way!


Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish - Seychelles

INR 290 AT MyGlamm

A Floral Paradise

I never thought I would miss things I had otherwise ignored in nature- the smell of flowers blooming, new leaves springing out, lush grass, and just greenery around me. If you are also in the same boat then this floral negative space nail art might be the answer to your woes!


Color Hit Nail Polish - L123 My Superhero

INR 440 AT Sephora

C'mon, let's jazz up our nails!

Featured Image: Instagram