The Short Film That’ll Make Men Cringe And Women Say “Yes, That Happens!”

The Short Film That’ll Make Men Cringe And Women Say “Yes, That Happens!”

Women have the right to vote, legal protection against sexual harassment, right to equal pay, and we can refuse to get married. Hell, we even get free drinks at a different pub, every night of the week. So why are we still complaining?

The reason that you come across angry feminists (such as myself) - is because we know that no matter how far we’ve come, we have a long way to go. While patriarchy still gets on our nerves (why would my child share HIS surname?), but it’s the teeny-tiny things that nag us every day.

And once in a while, we come across a short film that points at an obvious byproduct of patriarchy and forces us to think. Think about all the times we’ve unknowingly perpetuated a cause we otherwise stand strongly against.

The short film Juice, written by Neeraj Ghaywan and Ranjan Chandel, did just that. No matter whose home I’ve visited, the one thing common is that it is the woman's responsibility to ensure that the guests are fed and the children are taken care of. On the other hand, the men spend hours drinking whiskey and asking questions like ‘khaana kab lag raha hai?’.

The Massan director did a beautiful job of portraying the situation. And Shefali Shah, as always, delivered a stunning performance. It’s a video that gave me another reason to wear my ‘Feminist Killjoy’ badge with pride. I refuse to stop ranting, till you listen.

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