Everything We Know So Far About The Woman Who Opened Fire At The YouTube HQ

Everything We Know So Far About The Woman Who Opened Fire At The YouTube HQ

The YouTube HQ was left stunned when, 39-year-old San Diego resident, Nasim Aghdam shot and wounded three people before killing herself. Two of her victims have been released from the hospital, and one remains in serious condition. The left-wing animal rights activist and vegan lifestyle promoter was identified as the shooter and a Lot has been revealed about the troubled individual since then.

The YouTuber was active on many social media channels, including a website dedicated to Persian culture and veganism. Aghdam had been complaining about many of YouTube's policies regarding censorship and monetizations, she felt she had gotten the raw end of the deal. She claimed the company was not sharing enough profits with people who make and post videos on the juggernaut video sharing platform.

In recent statements, the shooter's family has said that they warned the police about Aghdam's disappearance and apparent hate for the company. This was further cemented when a series of bizarre videos were unearthed on the internet, all featuring Aghdam with disturbing speech and weird imagery. Aghdam was quoted in a 2009 story in a local newspaper about a protest, led by animal rights activists, against the use of pigs in military trauma training. She was pictured dressed in a wig and jeans with drops of painted “blood” on them, holding a plastic sword at the demonstration. 

Since the arrest, her YouTube channel has been deleted but due to her presence on many social media platforms, people can still see her content online. The shooting has once again sparked a discussion about gun control laws in the US (Aghdam used a legally registered handgun) and the recent rise in acts of civil terrorism. Since the identity of Aghdam was revealed, numerous speculations have sprouted regarding her gender, methods and true intent with the murder-suicide. For now, all we can do is wait for more information on what caused this unbearable act of terror.

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