10 Hilarious Reactions To Gurgoan Being Renamed Gurugram!

10 Hilarious Reactions To Gurgoan Being Renamed Gurugram!
So, apparently Gurgaon is being renamed to Gurugram. And people have some hilarious reactions to that. They've posted what they feel about this on Twitter and it's a laugh riot, all right! Read on to see how Gurugram is being trolled!

1. Because Mewat is now “NUH”

gurgaon to gurugram 1 Image: Ritwick Maindargi on Twitter

2. Or like Tinku to Tinkugram...

gurgaon to gurugram 2 Image: Flying Sam on Twitter

3. This one definitely made us laugh!

gurgaon to gurugram 3 Image: Nadir Siddiki on Twitter

4. OOPS! That one should definitely be changed...

gurgaon to gurugram 4 Image: Gabbar on Twitter

5. And Sidhu would say - “Kya joke mara hai GURU!”

gurgaon to gurugram 5 Image: Rohan on Twitter

6. For all you Insta-Addicts

gurgaon to gurugram 6 Image: The Indian Idiot on Twitter

7. This comedian sure knows how to deliver the punchline!

gurgaon to gurugram Image: Sapan Verma on Twitter

8. Or do we still need to grow up and stop changing names?!

gurgaon Image: Iron Mann on Twitter

9. And his hilarious expressions made us laugh even harder!

gurgaon Image: Sorabh Pant on Twitter

10. And THIS would have been less of a laughing matter!

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