Pavitra’s Ex & One More Contestant To Enter Bigg Boss 14? We Hope No Vases Break This Time

Pavitra’s Ex & One More Contestant To Enter Bigg Boss 14? We Hope No Vases Break This Time

Bigg Boss 14 is currently on the stage where we can see two distinct groups and their animosity towards each other quite clearly. Now, obviously, Mr Bigg is going to add more fuel to the fire. How, you ask? The makers are planning to bring in two more contestants in the house. And we hear that one of them happens to be an existing contestant's ex. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment is all you are going to get in the upcoming weeks!  

The dynamics of the entire game are about to change as television reality stars Naina Singh and Prateek Sehajpal get ready to enter the show. Exciting, right? We cannot stay calm either! Reportedly, both of them are already in quarantine as per the safety protocols and will enter the house in the upcoming week. 

Let’s get to know the new contestants, shall we?


Naina Singh is not new to the concept of reality shows and understands the intricate details of the game quite well. We saw the brave and upfront Naina in Splitsvilla 10 and how she stood up for herself each time even if it meant going against her friends. Maybe that’s why she won the season. We would love to see the same fierceness in the BB House as well.

Also, Naina has admitted having some great thoughts about one of the Toofani Seniors in the house. You guessed it! She is of course talking about season 13 winner Sidharth Shukla! "Honestly, I have never watched any season of Bigg Boss as religiously as the last one. And, I have always felt that Sidharth has the aura of a winner. It is one thing for someone to feel that he/she is a winner, but he took the competition to a whole different level by making others also believe that he's the winner. There was no stopping him. He actually made others doubt themselves," she expressed in an interview with a media portal.


Not only does she find him a true winner, but also quite a charmer. "I also love how he's so quirky with his comebacks. He is intelligent and has an answer ready for everything. Quick wit is a rare gift. He's also extremely charming," she added.

 “I am not sure if I want to go on a date with him, but I don't mind having a cup of coffee with Sidharth. Actually, maybe two cups of coffee! Sidharth is perfect dating material. Whoever dates him is lucky. I think he's a great guy," Naina further added. If reports are to be believed, Sidharth’s stay in the house will be extended and that might just give the audience a chance to see these two together! Shehnaaz, are you listening?


Like Naina, Pratik is no stranger to reality shows either. He rose to fame with his charm and looks in MTV's Love School 3. He kind of failed to make a true connection with anyone on the show but fans certainly loved his flamboyance. Interestingly, Pratik was offered Bigg Boss in the past as well. So why is he entering the show this year?

Well, one of the reasons could be Pavitra Punia. Pratik recently made it to the headlines after opening up about his relationship with Pavitra. He explained how their possessiveness towards each other affected their relationship and his career. Shockingly, he revealed the bits about the aggressiveness in the relationship. He said in an interview, “Look, I am not denying that I am aggressive. But Pavitra too is. I think when two such aggressive people meet, there's going to be an explosion. I remember she threw and broke a few things in her house- flower vase, table - when we quarrelled once (towards the closing stages) at her house. To vent my frustration, I went down and punched the wall; my hand started bleeding." Well, we truly hope that no Bigg Boss property gets damaged in the house.


Pratik and Naina aren’t the only contenders rumored to enter the Bigg Boss house in the upcoming week. Actors Shardul Pandit and Rashmi Gupta are also being considered for wild-card entries. So it’s going to be an exciting week with the new gharwalas changing the game for those who are already there. Can’t wait!

 Feature Image: Instagram