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5 Men Reveal Myths They Wish Women Didn’t Believe!

5 Men Reveal Myths They Wish Women Didn’t Believe!

Girls, there are some myths about men which are assumed to be true but actually aren’t. YES! Just like some things aren’t true for us women, men also have their share of things that are almost never true. So, here are these guys who revealed on Reddit the myths girls should stop believing about them and well, you must read them. Take a look!

1. The one who says it’s okay to show interest!

Eldergias answers on Reddit: “Never show a man you are interested, he prefers to work for it.” If I ever got the feeling a woman was not into me, I would immediately stop pursuing her. If she gave me clear green lights that she was interested, that was when I was most excited, enthusiastic, and happy.

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2. The one who says you shouldn’t assume all guys want is to get laid!

GoChaca answers on Reddit: Seriously, I went to Starbucks this morning and said good morning to a woman in line behind me and she pulled out her phone and said, “I have a boyfriend.” Do not assume I am trying to get laid just because I say good morning or hello.

3. The one who says penis size isn’t related to other body parts!

Zike answers on Reddit: Any stupid thing about penis size in relation to another part of your body - “Your penis is as big as your pinky to your thumb etc.”

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4. The one who says that guys do like to cuddle!

LexSenthur answers on Reddit: That we don't like cuddlin'.

5. The one who says that guys are generally possessive about their gadgets!

Fist_is_also_a_verb answers on Reddit: “If he doesn't let you use his computer or phone, he's probably hiding something” - Ridiculous, and no.

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You can read the full thread here on Reddit.


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