#MyQuarantineInSixWords Trends On Twitter As COVID-19 Unites Extroverts And Introverts

#MyQuarantineInSixWords Trends On Twitter As COVID-19 Unites Extroverts And Introverts

That these are tough times and the best we can do right now is 'stay at home' has already been established. But there's something that still needs to be figured out: how to make the most of it now that we suddenly have so much of home time at hand? 

Well, Twitter clearly seems to be divided into two factions. And as the introverts gloat in the sudden turn of fortune, extroverts surely are up for a huge task right now! However, the two seem to be united when it comes to coming up with new ways of documenting the Quarantine days and I think we have a winner here. #MyQuarantineInSixWords is trending on Twitter right now as the Twitterati get busy in chiseling their meme game during the isolation days. 

Actually, while we do feel bad for all the homebound extroverts (and cheers to the introverts too!!!), it is rather endearing to see how they are coping with humour amidst the distressing times. As the extroverts and introverts unite during quarantine, here are some fun memes to demonstrate to what they are up to: 

Coz You Never Know

Oh Boy, We Feel You!

Extroverts Aren't Equipped To Handle This, We Guess?

Panic Buy Is The Number 1 Problem After Coronavirus

So Good Actually Came Out Of All That Panic Buying

Extrovert Alert

Hey Introverts, Go Check On Your Extrovert Friends

But Then Introverts Are Busy Having The Time Of Their Lives

Some More Evidence...

We All Should!

Rest Assured, COVID-19 Is Going To Make And Break Some Relationships

Whoever You Are, Our Fitness Expert Ekta Alreja Is Judging You!!!

All Hell Will Break Loose

Yes Why Not

Yesssss, STFU!!!!

How About Acquiring A New Skill?

So friends, how's social distancing treating you all? 

Featured Image: Twitter

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