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9 Tweets That Sum Up The REAL Issues With Indian Hostels!

9 Tweets That Sum Up The REAL Issues With Indian Hostels!

Hostel life is, undoubtedly, the best part of every student’s life. It is the first time you get to step out of your house into the big bad world and get the first taste of freedom and responsibility. But what if this first experience of adulthood is marred by the lack of basic amenities and rights? What if you’re treated like less than equals when it comes to facilities you’ve paid a lot of money for? Sadly, this is the state of a lot of hostels in India. National Students’ Union Of India (NSUI) has been tweeting with the hashtag MyHostelMyRight to bring to the notice of concerned authorities the deplorable state of some of our hostels. Here are some of these tweets!

1. Wait, WHAT??

1 myhostelmyright

Source: Sheetall25 On Twitter

2. This is the worst!

2 myhostelmyright

Source: Ananyasaikia4 On Twitter

3. Why can’t girls ever have fun?

3 myhostelmyright

Source: Radhika_Khera On Twitter

4. Don't we have to ask where all the money is going?!

4 myhostelmyright

Source: Mpnusi On Twitter

5. All the authorities only have money on their minds!

5 myhostelmyright

Source: AnandhJose On Twitter

6. Cannot even look without cringing...

6 myhostelmyright

Source: Smsnsui On Twitter

7. The one who is asking the right questions

7 myhostelmyright

Source: Ankushwithrg On Twitter

8. The fees and the facilities are in total contrast

8 myhostelmyright

Source: Geetansh0022 On Twitter

9. Thank you, from women everywhere!

9 myhostelmyright

Source: Fairoz_JK On Twitter

For more such tweets, follow #MyHostelMyRight on Twitter!