‘He’s The BEST Boyfriend Because…’ 7 *Adorable* Confessions!

‘He’s The BEST Boyfriend Because…’ 7 *Adorable* Confessions!
There comes a time in our lives when we find someone whom we can’t have enough of, someone whom we hate leaving, someone with whom we are madly in love. He makes us feel special like never before even with small, little things. He may be goofy, funny or crazy, but he is the best guy for us, we feel! Here are 7 girls who shared on Whisper what makes their guys the best boyfriends ever and their stories are just so cute! Read on to find out!

1. Sometimes the look on the face says it all!

1 best boyfriend

2. We all love that... Don’t we?

2 best boyfriend

3. He is pretty much on the top of his game, especially when it comes to sweeping you off your feet! *Wink*

3 best boyfriend

4. Yes… We also think the same!

4 best boyfriend

5. You should never let him go...

5 best boyfriend

6. Full marks to the guy for doing that!

6 best boyfriend

7. Wow! He exactly knows what will cheer you up!

7 best boyfriend You can read the full thread here on Whisper. So, is your guy the best guy ever? Images: Whisper