Guy Cheats On His GF, Facebook Steps In To Help!

Guy Cheats On His GF, Facebook Steps In To Help!

Come hell or high water, if there's one thing that most women can count on during their times of trouble, it's the solemn support from their girl besties. We know wedding vows are sacred, sure, but the words "in sickness and in health" rings unbelievably true if you ask me to describe my relationship with my best friend.

And it's not just your close girlfriends who come into the picture; love for your girl is one of the strongest friendships you can constantly witness around you. It could be handing over a sanitary pad to a woman you just met in the loo. Or having your hair held back in the pub washroom, as you throw up after a series of vodka shots - kind deeds and unwavering support by women is what makes our world such a beautiful place to live in!

Take the case of Aishwarya Sharma, from Mumbai, who went out of her way to save a woman from the pain of immense heartbreak. 

Aishwarya was at a local watering hole in Mumbai, when she overheard a conversation between two guys - one of them speaking about "ditching" a girl to go and make out with another girl. 

Not knowing much, except for the name of the alleged cheater (Aman), and of course the woman in question (Supriya), Aishwarya penned down a Facebook post calling all Supriyas with boyfriends named Aman to seek justice! 

The post has since, gone viral, with multiple reactions, shares, and comments on it! Not to mention the sheer number of Supriyas and Amans that have been tagged on the thread, so that the truth can be set free!

Not everyone was aboard the #SaveSupriya campaign, of course.

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There were some who argued that Aishwarya was invading the guys' privacy by eavesdropping on their conversation and that it was no different than moral policing by political parties on Valentine's Day.

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There's still no sighting of the elusive Supriya that social media is desperately seeking right now, and neither do we have any word from the 'Dude' Aman, but Aishwarya is ever hopeful about finding either or both of them, thanks to the massive support she's received for her post on Facebook.

It's a very fine line that we walk when it comes to invading someone's personal space, listening in to their conversation, and moral policing them, versus looking out for our fellow human beings, with their good interests in our hearts. At the end of the day, it's always a judgment call that we all have to individually make. 

That being said, we're also here for you Supriya, 'cause sisters before misters, any day!