Mumbai Rains Prove That ‘Being Human’ Is NOT Just A Hashtag

Mumbai Rains Prove That ‘Being Human’ Is NOT Just A Hashtag

The worst crisis since the floods of July 26th, 2005 happened in the city of dreams as Mumbai came to a complete standstill yesterday. The metropolis was hit with an extremely heavy rainfall, as all modes of transportation ceased to function and left thousands of people stranded.

And in spite of the arduous ordeal that was certain to last all night, the spirit of Mumbai was set ablaze with a determination so fierce, that it left nothing to chance.

Mumbaikars came together as one soul to help out everyone in need, and proved it to the world that #AamchiMumbai never backs down!

The Indian Navy donned their capes and showed us how every deed counts!

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Faith in humanity risen and firmly reassured!

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The Sikh community, like always, opened their hearts to everyone who was suffering and wanted warm shelter from the torrential rain.

Massive salute to the officers!

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The Mumbai Police brought in their A-game and were the most active throughout the crisis, posting regular traffic updates, providing assistance literally anywhere they could, and being there, right beside the residents.

Gracious Mumbaikars determinedly rose to the occasion

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The citizens of Mumbai made sure #RainHosts was trending, as they went all guns blazing against the downpour; opening their homes and providing safety, shelter, and food to anyone and everyone, no holds barred!

Organisations stepped up and offered their office spaces to bunk in!

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A lot of office-goers were unable to make the commute back home, but that didn’t stop their compassion and kind hearts to make the best out of a situation and spread the love!

The service sector was equally involved in assisting those who needed it most!

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All hands in, there were good samaritans hard at work and extending welcome all across the city. Regardless of who it was that needed the help, Mumbai rains had brought forth the spirit of solidarity that the city has its foundation built upon.

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There were several people going out there and leading by example


Food packets, water & all the possible help being provided to #Mumbaikars by @BJYM4Mumbai karyakartas #MumbaiRains

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Citizens were doing everything they could, even when it came to stepping out in the deluge and providing food for those in need, to minimise as little casualties as possible of the disaster.

It wasn’t just the humans that were paid heed to...

11 mumbai rains - karan jotwani


Our furry friends did not go unnoticed and everyone was encouraged to welcome them with just as much love and warmth!

None of this would have been possible if the people of Mumbai hadn’t taken the initiative to overcome the obstacles that nature had thrown their way.

United we stand, as always, and salute to the amazing citizens for stepping up like true superheroes that they are!

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