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Mumbai's Power Grid Failure Has Triggered A Meme Fest On Twitter & We Can't Help But LOL

Mumbai's Power Grid Failure Has Triggered A Meme Fest On Twitter & We Can't Help But LOL

Mumbai faced a huge power outage today and residents saw a complete blackout for over three hours. The financial capital was severely affected, to say the least. The massive power cut also affected train services, disturbing and halting the daily routine for several people. And that’s a huge deal for a city that never sleeps!  

The power cut scenario might be quite unusual for the Mumbaikars but it's a bit common for other states (ask thy Delhites). However, the reason for this rare occasion was explained as an inconvenience caused due to a technical failure. One of the power supply circuits located near Thane tripped because of the ongoing maintenance work. Dominant power suppliers in Mumbai like Adani Electricity and TATA faced power grid failure that affected major areas of the city.

Western Railway’s official Twitter handle updated that train services at multiple locations like Churchgate and Borivili were suspended temporarily. As a result, commuters were stuck for hours and were later seen walking the distance. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has ordered an inquiry into the matter and has also spoken to the state’s power minister, Nitin Raut. As of now, the government and authorities have restored power supply in certain parts of the city and things are slowly getting back to normal. 

However, while all of this was happening, Twitter began flooding the internet with #PowerCut memes. We know one thing for sure, it is that the Mumbaikars know how to make the best out of a situation. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets that wrap the current situation of #MumbaiPowerCut.

He Took Power Skips Quite Literally

Celebs Are Not Far Behind Either

Power Cuts Got Its Own Perks

We Did Mention It’s Unprecedented, Right?

Power Kat-y Perry Hai, But These Folks Got No Chill!

The Struggle Is Real!

Shots Fired!

People Got Their Priorities Right!

Hitting Right Where It Hurts! Ouch!!

The True Terror of 2020

And, That’s Called Survival of The Fittest!

And We Say, Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost...

Though it was an unusual experience for the Mumbaikars, the city is back on its track now. The power supply has been restored in most of the regions of Mumbai and the Suburban train services have resumed. The NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange) are working normally once again. The BMC has officially confirmed that no more power disruption is expected now and finally, the work from home employees who were on chill-mode are back to work-mode!

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