This 17-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Is Going To Be Rwanda's Brand Ambassador

This 17-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Is Going To Be Rwanda's Brand Ambassador

There are so many Indians who are making us so proud and how. One of them is Neysa Sanghavi, a 17-year-old from Mumbai.

She has been selected as Rwanda’s Brand Ambassador in India by its high commission.

Neysa, a class XII student, gained recognition for her work among the country's refugees and genocide survivors over the past one year. Her interest in helping out the people from the area was triggered after reading about it in school. After doing a lot of research and a few emails back and forth, she got to visit the country.

“We were studying the book Things Fall Apart in an English class. It introduced us to the communities of Africa. I was intrigued and wanted to do something. To begin with, I wanted to know more about the region and its people. I tagged along with volunteers from NGOs and met survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. I also visited refugee camps and chronicled my trip. The refugee camps were near large swamps and hence Malaria was rampant. I did observational research to find out the effectiveness of awareness campaigns. I also realized there was skilled and trained talent which was getting wasted” she told the TImes of India

She has, since then, submitted six projects to the government on avenues near the camps which could employ the refugees. “Neysa has been an outspoken advocate for Rwanda and regularly speaks about its success and the resilience of the survivors of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi at high-profile events in India and Rwanda. Owing to her strong and deep attachment to Rwanda, I am pleased to designate Neysa Sanghavi as the Brand Ambassador for Rwanda in India,” read a letter by Ernest Rwamucyo, the high commissioner, Rwanda.

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While we're sure it hasn't been easy for her to manage school work and her duties as the Brand Ambassador, we're so glad she chose to take up the cause!