Mumbai Club Raid: Guru Randhawa, Sussanne Khan & Suresh Raina Issue Official Statements

Mumbai Club Raid: Guru Randhawa, Sussanne Khan & Suresh Raina Issue Official Statements

Despite the dire need of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, people across the world are still pretending like COVID-19 never happened! Things are no different in India--people have been attending events, parties and hosting typical big fat Indian weddings without a worry in the world. All this comes at a time when the virus is mutating and spreading quicker, infecting more and more people every day. 

On Monday, Guru Randhawa, Sussanne Khan, Suresh Raina were booked by the Mumbai Police following a late-night raid at Andheri's Dragonfly club. During the raid, it was found that the club was open beyond the permissible time limit and the people present were not complying with COVID-19 protocols. A total of 34 people along with these celebs were named in the FIR for flouting COVID-19 norms. 


Suresh Raina, Sussanne Khan, Guru Randhawa and others have been booked under section 188, 269 and 34 of Indian Penal Code and under section 51 of the National Disaster Management Act. The reports further add that all people have been released on a notice issued by the Police under section 41(a)(1) of the CrPC. Following the media reports about the celebs being booked for breaching COVID-19 protocols, all three issued official statements clarifying their stance on the situation. 

Sussanne Khan's 'Humble Clarification'


Sussanne Khan took to Instagram to share her official statement claiming that there was no arrest. She went on to term the media reports about the arrest as 'incorrect, irresponsible and speculations' while setting the record straight.

Read her statement here:

Guru Randhawa's Statement


The official statement issued by singer Guru Randhawa's team stated that the artist was 'unaware' of the night curfew and curbs. It further said that the singer promises to comply with the guidelines and protocols in future.

"Guru Randhawa, who had stepped out for dinner with close friends before returning back to Delhi the same morning, deeply regrets the unintentional incident that occurred last night. Unfortunately, he was not aware of local authorities' decision of night curfew but instantly conformed to all rules laid out by the government officials. He promises to comply with government guidelines and protocols by taking all precautionary measures in the future. By far, he has been a law-abiding citizen and will continue to do so in the future as well," read the statement.

Suresh Raina Regrets 'Unfortunate & Unintentional Incident'


"Suresh was in Mumbai for a shoot which extended to late hours and was invited by a friend for a quick dinner post the same prior to him taking his flight back to Delhi. He was not aware of the local timings and protocols. Once pointed out, he immediately complied with the procedures laid out by the authorities and regrets the unfortunate and unintentional incident. He always holds rules and laws laid down by governing bodies with the highest regard and will continue to do so in the future as well," read the statement issued by cricketer Suresh Raina. 


While we were hoping that the pandemic will come to an end with several vaccines coming out soon, but with the recent mutation of coronavirus, the future remains uncertain. This is why it is essential that we all do our part to prevent COVID-19 from spreading by following the protocols. So stay home and stay safe! And if you must step out...don’t forget your mask, hand sanitizer and practice social distancing!

Feature Image: Instagram