Dear Indians, We Need To Follow Mumbai's Footsteps And Ban Plastic For Good!

Dear Indians, We Need To Follow Mumbai's Footsteps And Ban Plastic For Good!

Global warming, melting ice caps, unwarranted tsunamis; Mother Earth is giving us plenty of signs that we're not taking good care of her. We're all aware of what needs to be done. But somehow, these words have been reduced to some terms we read in our school books and have been failed to put it into action.

The government of Maharashtra has taken a step forward in this aspect and called for a state-wide ban of plastic on Saturday. The authorities used the weekend to generate awareness.

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Though the ban hit hard as plastic is part of our everyday life, Mumbaikars have taken it in a stride and are dedicated to a cleaner and greener future. However, lack of packaging options still remains a problem in the country. Also, a lot is being said about the Rs. 5000 fine issued by the government.

The prohibition includes a variety of plastic items such as carry bags and thermocol. It's a move aimed at cutting down on waste and pollution caused by non-degradable plastic. Mumbai faces flood situations every year during the monsoons and with less plastic clogging drainage lines, this move will help combat it this season. 

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis also urged and requested stakeholders to cooperate with the ban. He said, "The ban will succeed only with the participation of all the stakeholders and that the government has made a committee to ensure trouble-shooting and smooth adaptation. We do not want to promote police raj and we are also trying to address the concerns of traders and small vendors."

Netizens are also talking about the plastic ban in the country's financial capital. Most seem to support it, while others commented that the lack of biodegradable alternatives provided by the government shows shortsightedness.

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The Maharashtra government and the citizens are standing up and doing their part in combating plastic pollution and saving the environment, it's high time that the whole country follows suit.