Judgementall Hai Kya Review: 30 Thoughts I Had While Watching This Not-So-Typical Thriller

Judgementall Hai Kya Review: 30 Thoughts I Had While Watching This Not-So-Typical Thriller

Wikipedia states that Judgementall Hai Kya is a psychological dark comedy thriller but you can say that it is Tom and Jerry for grown-ups. Bobby Grewal (Kangana Ranaut) is a girl with a troubled childhood, who suffers from acute psychosis (a mental disorder), leading life her own way until Meera (Amyra Dastur) and her husband Keshav (Rajkummar Rao) come to stay at her home as tenants. What follows, is a mad chase between Bobby and Keshav that constantly makes you choose between reality and delusion. Before you dive into my thoughts through the film, have a look at the trailer!

*Spoiler free shuddh movie review lies ahead*

1. Kisi movie ke opening credits ne kabhi goosebumps diye hai?

2. Make sure that you don’t miss the beginning- it gives you a peek into Bobby’s crazy mind.

3. The movie starts with two deaths- people and innocence.

4. Her boss tries to molest her, WTF! And she gives it back to him. You go, girl!

5. As a result, Bobby ends up in the police station and gets to choose between a Rs 20,000 fine or a month in the asylum. No points for guessing what she picks!

6. A pleasant-looking man is standing on the road holding a board, which has a quote written on it. Something tells me that Bobby is going to get influenced by this quote sooner or later.

7. Damn, I was right!

8. Bobby hallucinates cockroaches.

9. And here comes Keshav (Rajkummar Rao)! What is this never-seen-before charm in his eyes?! 

10. Rajkummar Rao has that charm in this movie, which reeks of flirtiness that you can’t exactly pinpoint or explain.


11. “Kehte hain, ki kisi ajnabee se milna koi ittefaaq nahi hota." What a dialogue! Please note it down and use it as your next Instagram caption.

12. Okay, so there is obvious chemistry between Bobby and Keshav. How the duo manages to pull it off without any dialogues or music is beyond my understanding! (#GoodActing101)

13. Bobby is too honest in this movie ya! She is the living embodiment of why hypocrites are praised but hypocrisy is looked down upon.

14. A murder happens and Bobby is blaming Keshav for the same. Yeah, I also thought he was responsible for the murder!

15. Oh, wait a minute! Now it looks like Bobby could be the killer! 

16. It’s the interval and they already have me on the edge of my seat!

17. I don't know whom to root for anymore. I want to root for Bobby but can't ignore the fact that she has psychosis and that she could be imagining the whole thing.

18. What if she is imagining the cockroaches, the murder, Keshav and the entire movie itself? The possibilities are endless when it comes to hallucinations.

19. Side note: Bobby is a wannabe actress stuck inside the body of a voice-over artist.

20. So this wannabe gets a call from London to play someone's substitute in a play. I’m not saying that it’s impossible but, isn’t it a little unbelievable?


21. Anyway, she meets the play director (Jimmy Shergill) over here who happens to be very empathetic towards Bobby for some reason.

22. Is a love story going to bloom between the two now? Is this even that kind of a movie?
(Go to your nearest theatre and find out for yourself!)

23. For a mentally unstable person, Bobby is pretty good at deductions. Movie idea: Make a spinoff of this movie with her being a detective, who is equally feared and loved by all.

24. She bumps into Keshav over here as well. Wow, whatta small world!

25. The backdrop of the scene in which they confront each other says, "I want you to hurt me baby.” Take a bow, Pankaj Kumar (cinematographer).

26. The pace of the movie has quickened.

27. It is getting gorier and discreet with each passing minute.

28. Okay! I didn’t see this climax coming but I am not exactly surprised.

29. Well, fair play. I am amazed either way. 

30. In conclusion: She killed it! *winks*


Judgmentall Hai Kya is that kind of movie, which doesn’t let your mind wander for even one millisecond. It is that date of yours who demands your attention rather than crying for it. It is the kind of shock therapy that everybody needs. Make sure that you rest your back well before and after watching the movie, 'coz it will have you on the edge of your seat for two hours! 

I rate this movie 4/5.

Featured Image: YouTube

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