Mother Of An 8-Year-Old Beats The Maulvi Who Molested Her Daughter

Mother Of An 8-Year-Old Beats The Maulvi Who Molested Her Daughter

Be it the blackbuck poaching case that has been in process for 20 years or the Kathua rape case, the public is tired of seeking justice from the slow-paced authorities in power. In a country that wakes up to at least one or more reports of brutal rape and eve-teasing every day, the public is helpless and distraught. We have all witnessed examples of someone in power, with money and connections being acquitted despite committing a crime. 

Therefore, the janta is enraged enough to take matters into their own hands when it comes to delivering justice. In the past couple of days, the citizens of the country have proven that India isn't blind to injustice and shall not rest till the accused are punished. The whole country, including Bollywood, is fighting for an eight-year-old from J&K and an eleven-year-old from Surat, who were raped and killed. 

Knowing the helplessness of the families of Kathua and Unnao victims, the mother of another 8-year-old girl could not stop herself from teaching a lesson to the man who assaulted her daughter. Her child was molested by a Maulvi inside a mosque and the mother decided to beat him back to sanity. She went to the Maulvi with her daughter and, using a stick, beat him. She even encouraged her daughter to punish him and the other Maulvis present at the scene helped the distraught mother. A video was posted on Twitter of the incident.

The clip of the mother beating the Maulvi has gone viral, to which many people raised a concern saying everyone deserves a chance to make their case, including the Maulvi. With a lack of support from official authorities, the mother was angry enough to deliver justice herself. But is that how this situation should have been handled? 

We want to know what you think... so tell us in the comment section below.

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