#KnowYourLabels: *This* Is The Most Valuable Luxury Fashion Brand In The World!

#KnowYourLabels: *This* Is The Most Valuable Luxury Fashion Brand In The World!

Walking through the luxury lane, no one wonders that amongst all those treasured brands, there is a most valuable one too. But there obviously is and according to an article by Hollywood Reporter, this one is.

There are celeb-favourite luxe brands and you surely have one too. Would you like to take a guess before we reveal the name for you? Come on, it's fun! Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana or Chanel, which one?

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None of these. As per THR’s report, Louis Vuitton is worth a staggering $24 billion, which rounds off to an amount of Rs 15,57,36,24,00,000 and is the “world’s most valuable luxury brand.” And wait, that’s not all. Not only is Louis Vuitton that valuable but according to consultancy Interbrand, it is also worth almost twice as much as the second most valuable brand, Hermès. We are impressed.

And now, you can say, wow!

As for the brand's red carpet dominion, THR noted that American actress Michelle Williams, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, French actress Lea Seydoux and English actress Sophie Turner wore Louis Vuitton at the major red carpet events this year.

Featured Image: Louis Vuitton

So, ladies, flaunt your LVs. And get yourself that Louis Vuitton bag you’ve had your eyes on since long.

In the meantime, these fabulous splurges will also satisfy that luxe craving.

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