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Say Hello To The World's Most Expensive Nail Polish

Say Hello To The World's Most Expensive Nail Polish

If given a choice between a BMW or a manicure that costs almost the same, what would you choose? Yes, for the amount that you’ll have to give to add world’s most expensive nail polish to your beauty shelf, you can actually buy a fancy car.  

While you’ve probably been spending a maximum Rs 599 on a good mani, someone somewhere has been spending £2000 (Rs 1,77,415 approximately) per nail on a very fancy manicure using the costliest nail polish.  

What’s so special about this mani? Considering that it involves a nail polish worth 185,000 POUNDS (Rs 1,64,11,000 approximately), the mani price isn’t a big surprise. So, here have a look at the details of the world’s most expensive nail polish.

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

1 nail  polish  azature  expensive

A Los Angeles-based luxury jewellery couturier Azature Pogosian has launched a nail polish with jaw-dropping price and ingredient. The designer specialises in black diamonds, has created a diamond nail polish worth 250,000 dollars, which rounds off to approximately Rs 1,64,11,000.

As per the brand Azature, a black diamond is the 'ultimate fine jewel' and the man behind the idea of this most expensive nail polish said, "One day I thought, 'Why not showcase this style on nails?' So I developed a Black Diamond Nail Polish with the same attention and quality as my jewelry in order to preserve the elegance of the black diamond," in a press release.

Why so expensive? Of course, there’s a valid reason to that query! The Azature nail polish actually contains 267 carats of, well yes, black diamonds. Not just that, what makes Azature nail polish even more exclusive is that its application method is unique and is only by a select group of celebrity manicurists. The next time you visit LA, you know what to look for. *Wink*

nail-polish azature expensive

If you are not looking to spend Rs 1,64,11,000 on a bottle of nail paint, you can always opt for the manicure, which will cost you £22,000 (approximately Rs 19,51,575) ‘only’. BTW that’s £2000 (Rs 1,77,415 approximately) per nail in case you are thinking of just getting your thumb painted for the joy of, you know, feeling like a royal!

Image Source: Azature Pogosian

Published on Jan 19, 2018
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