7 ‘Morning Sex’ Confessions To Kinda Make You Want It Right Now!

7 ‘Morning Sex’ Confessions To Kinda Make You Want It Right Now!
Starting your day with an orgasm? Yeah, yeah, we know morning sex is great! Beginning your day with being intimate with your partner, may seem a good idea for most people and we agree. Nothing beats the feeling of being wrapped up in your partner’s arms and being wanted by them, right? We went on to Whisper to find out what other people think about morning sex and we did find some very interesting confessions. Here’s how some people feel about it...

1. Yeah, what’s better than starting your day with an orgasm? (Nothing!)

2. Yeah, because your day starts with… being satisfied! #JustSaying

3. Oh yes, men and their sleepy voices… SO HOT!

4. Yes, that’s what true love really is!

5. That’s another good thing about it. We totally agree!

6. Yes, it is intense! That’s why most people love it...

6 morning sex

7. Okay, that’s love for morning sex taken to next level!

We found these confessions here on Whisper. Okay, these were some very interesting confessions. What do you think about morning sex? Images: Whisper