Postponed Your Wedding Cause Of Coronavirus? 7 Amazing Monsoon Wedding Ideas For You!

Postponed Your Wedding Cause Of Coronavirus? 7 Amazing Monsoon Wedding Ideas For You!

As we all sit back and watch what happens next, we feel terrible for couples who were planning to get married during these months because it looks like things are just getting tougher. Of course, we still don't know when the quarantine ends or when we can go back to living our normal lives but planning your intimate wedding for the monsoon months may be a great option and give you something to look forward to. 

If Your Wedding Plans Got Postponed Because Of Coronavirus, Here Are 8 Monsoon Wedding Inspiration Ideas For The Perfect Rainy D-day.

From floral umbrellas to indoor functions, here is everything you need to know about having the big, fat, Monsoon wedding! But remember to keep it an intimate affair, large gatherings are best avoided till the end of this year. 

Here Comes The Bride

Floral umbrellas are all the rage right now in the wedding market and they look gorgeous. You can walk down to your forever love with a twinkle in your eye and instead of the phoolon ki chaadar you can have this beautiful floral umbrella to the rescue!

A Midi Lehenga, YASSS!

Don't go for long trails or anything that makes your outfit heavy. Keep it a light fabric and if you want to go the stylish way, a midi or an ankle-length lehenga would look great too. It'll even add a little quirk quotient to your D-day.

Some Fun Party Favours

These umbrellas make for beautiful gifts to add in the party favours basket and they look stunning in photographs too. Just imagine a drizzling sky and all your guests walking to the venue with these umbrellas, that's an instant yes!

Plan For An Indoor Ceremony

Even if you see the weather for the date you have planned, you never know with Indian monsoons. The best thing to do is plan for an indoor ceremony. You can even have functions like haldi and the pool party outdoors in the day where even if it rains, it just makes it a whole lot more fun.

Be Ready For Some Artsy Pictures

The rain makes everyone go into a particularly artsy mood- everyone is warm and cuddly and the smell of the Earth and water muddled up brings everyone in the mood. So be sure that your wedding photographs are going to have an artsy touch to them.

A Rain Dance Sounds Like Fun!

You can either plan a rain dance event for the younger lot, in-keeping with the monsoon theme. Or you never know, you might have an impromptu one! Know that you can't plan your D-day to the tee and there are bound to be somethings that are here and there. However, having a baraat with an impromptu rain dance sounds sooo fun! 

Keep It Simple, Silly

Keep the jewellery minimal as rain could cause humidity and you don't want layers of accessories on you. Avoid heavy makeup and heavy fabrics like silk and velvet. Instead, go for lighter drapes like georgette or organza for a fun look. Let your wedding outfit be in synch with the kind of day you're planning to have.

So, monsoon wedding ready?!

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