#MomoBan: 15 Reasons We Refuse To Breakup With *Momos*!

#MomoBan: 15 Reasons We Refuse To Breakup With *Momos*!

Girls, breaking up with our soulmate is tough, isn’t it? Mostly because our soulmate does everything to cheer us up and make our life feel complete, right? While we may have multiple love interests, ‘momos’ are truly are one and only soulmate. And if you agree with us, then we are sure you must be collecting the pieces of your broken hearts after the news of proposed ban on these cute, little momos came out. They have been deemed as villains and accused of being dangerous to health - a lot more than alcohol and other psychotropic drugs, it seems. But no matter what, just like our relationships, we hold momos close to our hearts. So girls, here we have curated some reasons we can’t ever breakup with momos and these will definitely leave you craving for more!

1. Because no matter how broke you are, you can always afford a plate of momos!

2. Because it would never break your heart, and well, a boy might.

3. Because it is an ALL season dish!

4. Because it comes in all Indian variants - steamed, fried, tandoori, stir fried, grilled, tadka, paneer and you name it!

5. Because momos always leave you wanting more, just like all other good things in life.

5  momos

6. Because if there's anything that can salvage paneer from its shocking lack of personality, it has to be a momo.

7. Because at times it helps more than an ice-cream after a breakup.

8. Because it can instantly make you go from hungry to mmm!

9. Because it’s our go-to food. We get it anywhere and everywhere!

10. Because one plate is never enough!

10 momos

11. Because it makes the perfect snack with drinks.

12. Because it isn't biased. Momos lend themselves to vegetarians as much as they to non-vegetarians.

13. Because all good things come in small packages!

14. Because the taste stays longer than the kiss from our boyfriend!

15. Because we can have it with whatever we like - chaat masala, green chutney, chilli sauce, mayonnaise and so on!

15 momos

We are sure you wanna have a quick bite now, don’t you?!

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