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Sonam Kapoor's Cousin's Shaadi Pics Will Unleash The Punjabi In You!

Sonam Kapoor's Cousin's Shaadi Pics Will Unleash The Punjabi In You!

Punjabi's are people who express every emotion with gusto. So, needless to say, their weddings are full of fun and excitement. You can never exit a Punjabi wedding unhappy and that's a fact. Despite back to back functions and round the clock 'happy' hours, no one will ever say it's exhausting. Speaking of weddings, Sonam Kapoor's cousin Mohit Marwah is getting married in UAE and the pictures are already out and about. Apart from everyone looking amazing and drop dead gorgeous, they're also partying like typical Punjabis. So much so, you'd wish you were a part of the celebrations!

1. First things first, we say hello to the lovely couple!

2. What's a Punju wedding without an appropriate hashtag?

3. And then an all-boys performance. Oh hell yes!

4. Arjun Kapoor is as desi as it gets and we love it!

5. What's better than being at the bar drinking? Being at the bar and getting everyone else drunk. #JustPunjabiThings

6. And you obviously are going to take charge because 'Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hai!'

7. You're definitely dressed to impress. Always!

8. Day drinking is just the right way to get it started!

9. And some Punjabi swag because Ladkewale hain!

10. Last but not the least, when the hangover kicks in... you kick it out!

All the Punjabis in the house, put your hands up!