The Mismatched Trend Is Here To Add A Lot Of Colour To Your Life, And Nails!

The Mismatched Trend Is Here To Add A Lot Of Colour To Your Life, And Nails!

Do you remember the good old days when you would get your nails done professionally and your manicurist would show you a plethora of designs to choose from? Each design prettier than the previous one and all you ever wanted was to have all those designs on your nails, at once? Looks like your wish has turned into a stunning new nail trend!

You do not have to choose a particular design anymore because the 'Mismatched Nails Trend' is here and it's going to add the much-needed pop of colour to your life nails.

Mismatched Nails 💅‎️‍🌈

When doing your nails at home, we have only a limited collection of nail polishes to choose from. So, what do we do? We get creative! Having a new design on every nail is what the cool kids are doing on the 'Gram and here's how you can hop onto this trend too!

Let's Get Started 💅

The idea is to get creative-- decorate each nail with a unique DIY nail art or nail it the old school style by painting each nail with a new colour. Call it OTT or even too much work but admit it, you lowkey want to try out this trend so bad.

Here's what you're going to need:

- Your entire nail polish collection

- Liquid eyeliners (think black, brown, green, etc.)

- Nail tip stickers

- Tiny nail art stickers


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Now that you've gathered all your materials, here's what you can do.

- Start by painting each of your nails with a different colour. Think about the kind of nail art design you want. A burst of colours or are we marrying the designs into each other by playing it safe with 2-3 colour options.

- Once you've decided your nail designs and applied the nail polish, let's start decorating those nails. If you have a steady hand, try making patterns using liquid eyeliner as it's really easy to nail the designs due to the fine tip of the brush.

- Another option is to use a nail tip stickers to stick it in the middle of your nails and paint only the other half.

- You can also use nail stickers to add the element of fun to your manicure. No matter what you do, make sure you seal your designs with a topcoat.

Here are some of the #InstaPopular mismatched nails for you to take inspiration from!

We bet you cannot wait to try the mismatched trend! 

Featured Image: Instagram