Awww! Misha Kapoor Poses Like A Star With Mommy Mira Kapoor & Our Hearts Are Melting

Awww! Misha Kapoor Poses Like A Star With Mommy Mira Kapoor & Our Hearts Are Melting

When you see a star in the making, you just feel it. Especially if the fashionista in question is A) super camera friendly and B) knows how to pose like a pro. Doesn't really matter then the star is actually a little kid on the block, AKA Misha Kapoor. 

Making an Instagram post that left our hearts in a puddle, Mira Kapoor posted a series of pics with daughter Misha Kapoor, and once you see them, you wouldn't blame us for feeling all mushy. 

2-Awww-Misha-Kapoor-Poses-Fashionably-Like-A Star-With-Mommy-Mira-Kapoor-And-Our-Hearts-Are-Melting

Image source: Instagram

"If I say cheese will you give me a lollipop 🍭", Mira Kapoor captioned the pictures and honestly, sounds fair to us. I mean what else would a 2-year-old ask for as a bribe? Though dad Shahid Kapoor was missing from the frame, Misha didn't seem to mind. Say whatever you want, but this girl definitely has her priorities on point. You go, girl!  

Also, there are some fashion related queries that we need instant answers for. Staring with the fact that how does a little girl dress better than all of us? Who is helping little Misha serve all these lewks? So many questions! *Phew*

1-Awww-Misha-Kapoor-Poses-Fashionably-Like-A Star-With-Mommy-Mira-Kapoor-And-Our-Hearts-Are-Melting

Image source: Instagram

Striking a few quick poses with mom, as one does when lollipops are involved, Misha Kapoor wore a cutesy little floral dress paired with a tee. Now if that isn't on fleek summer wardrobe, we don't know what is! 

We gotta say, we have eyes only for the little girl in this frame! 

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