Glorious As Milind Soman Might Look In His Birthday Suit, We've Some Pressing Questions

Glorious As Milind Soman Might Look In His Birthday Suit, We've Some Pressing Questions

So Milind Soman turned 55 today and decided to mark the day with a picture of him in his birthday suit. Earlier today, he posted a picture on Instagram running along the beach au natural i.e. sans a strand of cloth on his body. “Happy birthday to me,” he captioned the post. 

Well, clearly Milind is having one hell of a birthday, doing the two things that he loves the most: running barefoot and baring it all like it is nobody's business. He indeed looks glorious running along the beach sans any inhibitions. In fact, he looks as gorgeous as he did 25 years ago when he stripped for the much talked about photoshoot with Madhu Sapre. 

Also, it was just earlier this year that he shared a picture from the same photoshoot and wrote, “Keep seeing this pop up on my timelines every once in a while :) it's 25 years old, at that time no social media no internet either I think ! wonder what the reaction would have been if it had been released today #flashback #timelapse #blackandwhite #nude #photo.”

Well, a quick scroll through his comment section from today’s picture and you’d know the verdict. The audience appears pretty receptive and has been responding to the picture well. Now, while we extend the heartiest of our wishes to Milind for turning 55 and also for looking this gorgeous, we have some pressing questions to ask. Read on:

Will He Receive Rape Threats Now?


In June this year, Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday opened up about how she received rape threats after positing bikini pictures on Instagram. The model shared a note where she narrated her ordeal, “I’ve had a woman comment on my post saying I deserve to be gang-raped because I posted a picture in a bikini. She then tagged my mother and father in the comment to make sure that they saw it too. I wish I had a screenshot but I was so shaken when I saw it I blocked her immediately and Instagram deleted the comment. When I went to her profile to block her I saw that she was married and had a daughter a little younger than me. I don’t understand how you can wish that upon someone else’s child.”

But then again, pick any actress’s bikini pictures on Instagram, scroll through the comments and you will come across at least 10 of these comments where men paint a ghastly picture of how they’d be raping these women. Now given that Milind has literally posted a nude picture here, one wonders if he too would get rape threats by internet trolls. 

Will He Be Slut-Shamed?


Back in 2019 when Malaika Arora stunned us with some gorgeous holiday pictures in her bikini, there were some who did not take it too well. Consequently, the model-actress was subjected to brutal trolling at the hands of her Instagram followers who tried schooling her on how she shouldn't be posting bikini pictures or her sons would be ashamed of who she is. 

Will He Be Given Unsolicited Gyan About Our Culture?


Just FYI, the above comment is from a post where actor-gender activist Saloni Chopra had talked about women being put under society's scrutiny and getting constantly asked to dress in a certain way 'coz "parampara, prathishtha, anushasan." Well, we wonder if Milind would soon receive lectures about the Indian "culture" and how he is maligning it with his body. 

Don't get us wrong here. We really, really love how free Milind looks in this picture here. However, we also wish for everyone else in our society, especially women to be given the choice to treat their bodies as they please. We want women to be treated with the same morality scale that's used for men. Lastly, we wonder if that would ever be a reality?

Featured Image: Instagram