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Here’s Yet Another #MeToo Story That You NEED To Know!

Here’s Yet Another #MeToo Story That You NEED To Know!

With #MeToo trending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, suddenly the plight of women has come to light and the world is shocked by the sheer number of harassment cases that have been reported using the hashtag. But there is something you should not forget about the campaign. It also includes stories of men who have been harassed at the hands of women and other men as well.

While the point of the hashtag is to bring to light the crimes against women, it is also working towards highlighting the fact that ‘consent’ is still taken lightly as a concept and that men are a victim of sexual harassment too, a thing most people still refuse to believe.

Humans Of Bombay, last evening, highlighted a similar case of an openly gay man being molested in Mumbai. Here’s Divya Roop’s story. Read it for yourself!

While the story is both disturbing and heart-touching at the same time, the comments from people on the same has restored our faith in humanity!

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Divya’s response to the same was just as sweet, reflecting the kind of young man he is - strong, brave and kind!

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The post also called for support for Delta, a homegrown platform for the LGBTQ community to connect with real people, build safe spaces for people to talk and to provide support and resources to each other. You can support the initiative by donating for the cause here to help them raise the required resources!

Be you, Divya! We’re all with you!