Mercury Is In Retrograde This July & Here's How It Will Affect Your Life

Mercury Is In Retrograde This July & Here's How It Will Affect Your Life

Mercury is in retrograde, once again! If you’re new to the world of astrology, then Mercury retrograde is something that happens three to four times a year, when the planet Mercury passes Earth in its orbit. As Mercury rounds the bend it creates an optical illusion that makes it appear stationed and spinning backward, hence the term retrograde. 

This month, the retrograde begins on July 7th and Chiron, an asteroid that is a part of all our birth charts and represents our most painful struggles, goes retrograde on July 8th. Chiron will give you the opportunity to heal old wounds but it will also test your patience and desperation for the right answers, and this is what makes this month difficult for most. You see, Mercury stands for communication, travel, and technology and during retrograde and all of these areas can go haywire for about three weeks. Sigh, don’t you just hate the shadow this planet casts on your communication skills every year? While July 31st will mark the end of the retrograde, there are a lot of hurdles that may pop-up this until then. 


On the love front, you will find it difficult to communicate with your partner and you may feel temperamental. However, now that you have been cautioned you can reign in the patience and work towards talking things out, once the retrograde is over. Your priority should be to stay calm and confident from July 7th-31st. Do not let the fiery Leo sun sign get the best of you. 

On the professional front, avoid gossiping in the office because it could either be taken too seriously or you could hurt someone's feelings. Either way, taking any decisions in your professional life may not end well right now. Keep it all under wraps till the retrograde ends. 

Be careful around July 16th as the partial lunar eclipse will make it difficult to keep secrets. Overall, avoid making any purchases and planning something new during the retrograde. And if you do, make sure to double check the details. 


The Mercury retrograde can be summed up with a simple ‘re’-- this includes reuniting with old friends and re-considering every decision you make. However, if you find yourself in the arms of an ex-lover remember that what begins during a retrograde usually ends by the end of it. 

Overall, just make sure you stay calm and composed, hydrated and remember that you are only human! Fret not, this retrograde will be mild compared to the one that took place in March. 

P.S. A total solar eclipse will take place on July 2nd at 10:25 pm. Though it will not be visible from India, you can stream it live on the NASA website! However, you can catch the partial lunar eclipse that will take place on July 17th from 12:13 am to 5:42 am and will be visible from India. 

Featured Image: NASA

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