7 Things EVERY Girl Secretly Thinks About Life... Illustrated!

7 Things EVERY Girl Secretly Thinks About Life... Illustrated!
We’re nice people. Really, we are. But we do have our moments of laziness, grumpiness, bitchiness… A tiny little side to our personalities that we don’t really like to show to people. But when you find those secret little thoughts translated into absolutely hilarious memes...well, how can you not laugh? Check out these super-funny memes by Someecards that brilliantly sum up how us girls feel sometimes!

1. Because, no, eating “healthy” is REALLY not as much fun as people like to pretend!

what girls secretly think 1Image: Someecards on Instagram

2. It’s true… Every-damn-body has those lazy days!

what girls secretly think 2 Image: Someecards on Instagram

3. After all, some people are *unbearable*! (Wouldn’t it be fun to actually have this spray?)

what girls secretly think 3 Image: Someecards on Instagram

4. That awkward moment when you realize that your guy or your bestie is being a bit, er, clingy!

what girls secretly think 4 Image: Someecards on Instagram

5. When you’ve been single AF for a bit TOO long!

what girls secretly think 5 Image: Someecards on Instagram

6. Every goddamn time.

what girls secretly think 6 Image: Someecards on Instagram

7. Guilty as charged. Oops!

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