Meet The First She-Humanoid ISRO Is Sending To Space For The Gaganyaan Mission

Meet The First She-Humanoid  ISRO Is Sending To Space For The Gaganyaan Mission

Move over Earth guys, women are now ready to rule the Universe and that too in a scientific way! The Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to send a female humanoid robot, Vyommitra, to space in an unmanned mission, which also happens to be a part of the Gaganyaan project. While two unmanned missions will be conducted in 2020 and 2021, the final launch with humans is scheduled to take place in 2022.

Who Is Vyommitra?

Vyommitra is a half-humanoid who can talk, mimic actions, recognises other human beings, holds queries and what not! She is a spacefaring human-robot developed by the ISRO. Vyommitra, who was unveiled at an event in Bengaluru, greeted everyone saying, "Hi, I'm Vyommitra, the first prototype of half-humanoid."

As far as her structure is concerned, she doesn't have legs and can bend in two directions. Vyommitra is expected to remain in touch with the ISRO Command Centre at all times and carry out experiments accordingly, later in December this year. Take a look at this video to see her talk!

A Brief Of The Gaganyaan Mission

The Gaganyaan project was first announced by PM Narendra Modi on August 15, 2019, as a mission to send three Indians to space. Four pilots from the Indian Air Force (IAF) have already been shortlisted for the crucial Gaganyaan mission, after the semi-failure of Mission Chandrayaan 2.

All the astronauts to be sent will be first trained in Russia and the doctors from the IAF will be sent to France to receive training in monitoring the health of those who would be flying to space. ISRO aims to launch the manned spaceflight mission by the year 2022.

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Objective: Humanoids Before Humans

You must be wondering why the ISRO is sending Vyommitra to space even before the actual mission begins in 2022. Well, let's say it is all a part of the same project. Vyommitra is being sent to space later this year to test flights that will be undertaken ahead of the ambitious launch in 2022.

The space agency will, therefore, launch two unmanned missions-- one in December this year and another one in June 2021. The aim is to test before the final execution and the half-humanoid will play a rather crucial role in doing so. 

Explaining Vyommitra's role better, ISRO Chief, K Sivan said, "We want to make sure that this mission serves a purpose beyond displaying our ability to send humans and bring them back safely."


Are you or are you not excited?

Featured Image: Instagram and Times Of India

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