This 25-Year-Old Is The First Woman To Run A Cafe In Srinagar & We're So Inspired By Her

This 25-Year-Old Is The First Woman To Run A Cafe In Srinagar & We're So Inspired By Her

In Srinagar, a woman has opened her own café. It may not be a big deal in another part of the country, but in the conflicted state of Jammu & Kashmir, it's a big win for women.

Meet, Mehvish Mehraj Zargar, the first woman to run her own café in Srinagar. She was about seven years old when her father passed away due to cancer. The family of four has suffered a great loss, but her mother made sure that all three children were educated. Now this young woman is working hard to support her family and make her mother proud.

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The law graduate talked about her struggles of opening a cafe, saying, “It was hard in the beginning. No one seemed to be sure that I could do it, but I never gave up.” She was advised to do something in her field, but she wanted to do something of her own. Her cafe, Me N U, is a popular spot these days, especially with youngsters.

In a state ridden with war, bloodshed and strife, it isn’t a small thing that 25-year-old Mehvish has started her own café and is running it along with her mother and two siblings. She smashed stereotypes when her dream to establish this café came to life last year, but of course haters gonna hate. She stood her ground and believed in herself. She said, “There are people who always criticise because they cannot see a woman do things on her own. I ignore them.”

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Mehvish is one of the many women in the valley who are bringing a change in the state. The opportunities may be limited, but these women are finding their own path and starting their own businesses. We salute Mehvish and all the women who are breaking stereotypes.

Image Courtesy: India Today

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