Masaba Gupta Lashes Out At A Reporter Who Questioned Her Husband's Loyalty!

Masaba Gupta Lashes Out At A Reporter Who Questioned Her Husband's Loyalty!

Did Masaba Gupta file separation from her husband Madhu Mantena because he cheated on her? It's been three years since celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta and filmmaker Madhu Mantena's got married. The duo tied the knot in June 2015 and hosted a grand party in November 2015 which saw many Bollywood and Fashion bigwigs. Unfortunately, there's trouble in their paradise. The couple has mutually decided to take some time off each other and separate on trial basis. 

However, that didn't really go down well with Masaba's fans and it gave birth to a lot of speculations and rumours that hinted towards Madhu Mantena’s infidelity. The speculations have been rife but Masaba won't have any of it. The celebrity designer handled this issue head-on and came out fighting for her husband which we thought was very graceful of her.

Masaba took to Twitter and posted a conversation between a media person and her husband that tried to implicate him. Masaba posted the screenshot that read:

"Sir, we hear that infidelity was the reason why you and Masaba went for a trial separation, apparently she discovered you had cheated on her... "

In her tweet, Masaba not only defended her husband's character but also made it clear that she will not tolerate a single bad thing being said about Madhu's character. 

Not just that, Madhu and Masaba also stated that they had consulted their friends and family before filing for trial separation. A statement released by Masaba read:

"The only thing we are ready to say for now is that what we both want out of life individually and separately is putting unnecessary pressure on the marriage and love that we share. Hence, we would like to take some time off from each other and our marriage to figure out for ourselves what we want out of this life,”

The couple has asked for privacy, saying they hope to find “reconciliation in our (their) individual paths and dreams and hence this privacy is important for us (them) now.”

More power to you Masaba and Madhu!

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