9 Couples Share... Their *Favourite* Moment From Their Wedding!

9 Couples Share... Their *Favourite* Moment From Their Wedding!
A girl’s wedding day is a very special day in her life. You want everything to be perfect because you’re marrying the perfect one for you. We found a thread on Whisper, where married couples are sharing their favourite moments from their BIG day! It’s one of the sweetest thing you’ll read today. Read on and find out what they have to say about their fav married couple moments from their wedding day!

1. Luckiest girl EVER!

1 Married couple moments

2. Just the perfect setting!

2 Married couple moments

3. How amazing would that have been...

3 Married couple moments

4. Moments like these…precious!

5. Aww! This is heart touching!

5 Married couple moments

6. Haha! Wondering what the pharmacist’s reaction was!

6 Married couple moments

7. Must have been the best feeling in this world! *Heart*

8. Coolest couple EVER!

9. This is goals, guys!

You can read the full thread here on Whisper. These were just adorable! Images: Whisper