Manushi Chillar Wants To Work With Aamir Khan In The Future!

Manushi Chillar Wants To Work With Aamir Khan In The Future!

Manushi Chillar is creating headlines and how. And she deserves too! After all, she's brought the Miss World crown back to India 17 years after Priyanka Chopra's win in 2000. But the 20-year-old is just like any other young woman of her age - who loves reading and writing poetry. And guess what? She has no plans for Bollywood right now but instead wants to complete her studies. Here are some excerpts from her interview with Deccan Chronicle.


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She admitted that she wanted to complete her studies and become a doctor instead of debuting in Bollywood at the earliest. "When I was prepping for Miss World, I did take a year’s break. Now that I am back, I will continue with my studies. I want to complete the course and get my doctor’s degree.  Before even starting my degree in medicine, I remember my father telling me that being a doctor is a lot about being a good actor. Even in a difficult situation, when treating a patient, the most important job of a doctor is to make the patient feel comfortable. And, this is exactly what you need to — you need to put on an act that nothing is wrong with him or her. So I think I will be doing both the jobs" she said. Pretty cool, right? You go, girl!

She also added "It is my dream to work with Aamir Khan. If ever, I get into films, I would love to work with him. Working with him would give me a satisfaction since his films are not only entertaining but also socially relevant." Seems like while she may not be keen on entering the film industry anytime soon, the perfectionist Khan scores high on her list. Are you listening Mr. Khan?

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Recently, this video of Manushi meeting Sushmita Sen, who won the Miss Universe contest in 1994, surfaced. Sushmita is stumped when Manushi tells her she's only 20. Has to be one of the cutest interactions ever!