Is Manish Malhotra A Couturier Or That Parent Who Can't Get Over Your Breakup?

Is Manish Malhotra A Couturier Or That Parent Who Can't Get Over Your Breakup?

We all have that one person in our lives, who at the beginning of our relationship can't digest the fact that we have a 'boyfriend' now and after our breakup, can't deal with it either! And, surprise surprise, it is usually our mom! At Manish Malhotra's show, Zween Couture 2018-2019, we saw the legendary fashion designer and couturier as that parent who can't get over breakups when he made Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif walk the ramp as the showstoppers.


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Well, in Manish's defence, Salman and Katrina are those exes even the general public can't get over! How happy were they when Salman announced that Kat is replacing Priyanka Chopra in Bharat?

1 manish malhotra - salman khan katrina kaif zween couture

They do look good together, don't they? 

2 manish malhotra - katrina kaif ans salman khan

As gorgeous as they looked last night, as many Xs and Os these exes got from us for their stunning outfits, it seems that Manish Malhotra does have a thing for 'holding on to the past'. Every year he puts up a great show dolling up his favourite Bollywood muses like his own kids. It was Salman and Kat last night and earlier this year...

... Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone! In April this year for his show, The Walk of Mijwan, Manish Malhotra picked Ranbir and Deepika as the showstoppers. Hun, makes you think, doesn't it?

And, boy, did he show a whole lot of PDA all over the 'gram!

It's like your teacher forcing you to sit with your partner in school.

Both the couples, Salman-Katrina and Ranbir-Deepika, dated for a good number of years before parting ways. They've all dated different people since - Deepika is even getting married to Ranveer Singh in November but Manish is still living in the past.

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