The Pune Man Who Put Posters All Over The City For His GF Is Now In Trouble With The Cops!

The Pune Man Who Put Posters All Over The City For His GF Is Now In Trouble With The Cops!

What do you do when your girlfriend is mad at you? Put up 300 posters all around the town? Not very likely, right? Well, this guy from Pune exceeded all expectations and did exactly that. Nilesh Khedekar put 300 posters all over the city of Pune saying, 'Shivde, I am sorry'.

According to a news media website, the 25-year-old put all these posters because his girlfriend was upset with him. The Pune police commented and said, "Khedekar told that he had some differences with his girlfriend whom he called 'Shivde'. In order to apologize to her, he came up with this idea of putting up hoardings and banners in the area where she stays. Khedekar roped in his friend to execute the plan."

The hoarding with the message and a big heart apparently cost Khedekar Rs 72,000 and vandalized Pimple Saudagar which comes under the area of Pimpri Chinchwad.

Well, the municipal corporation, as well as the Pune police, did not seem amused at all so they caught him. And said, "When we received some complaints that some illegal hoardings have been put up, we started inquiring. We visited a number of flex printing firms and from one of those firms, we got a contact of a person. The person was identified as Vilas Shinde who turned out to be the friend of Khedekar. Shinde told us that Khedekar had given him the task to put up those hoardings and banners."

I guess Khedekar's extreme apology idea failed as the authorities plan to now penalize him for defacing that area. Ouch! 

Kids, do not try this at home or anywhere else!

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