'Follow Indian Dress Code': Bengaluru Man Harasses Woman Wearing Shorts & We Are Outraged

'Follow Indian Dress Code': Bengaluru Man Harasses Woman Wearing Shorts & We Are Outraged

While on one hand India is following a path of progression, there are certain elements in society that act as constant reminders--that we still have a long way to go when it comes to women being able to from exercising basic freedom. One such incident has come to light from Bengaluru when a man humiliated a woman for wearing shorts. It's blatant misogyny in the 21st century, and we refuse to entertain it. Take a look at this video that's going viral all over social media:


We certainly don't need men deciding our clothes for us. If you agree, then say 'Boy Bye' by owning this T-shirt.

The incident took place around 9 pm on October 3, at HSR Layout Bengaluru. The video was uploaded by the woman's friend who narrated the incident in the caption. She took to facebook to write, "Me and a female friend were travelling and a fellow 'Indian' stopped our bike and commanded my lady friend to be an 'Indian' and not to wear the type of clothes she was wearing and repeatedly kept on asking her the question 'Are you an Indian?' This fellow Indian is proof of the degrading and dangerous state where our society is heading. HE WAS NOT DRUNK. He was a sober educated Indian common man who is now keeping a watch of the sanctity of his own 'INDIAN CULTURE' that he thinks is wronged by the dress code of my lady friend. His nonchalant behaviour was so scary as he kept on asking people nearby pointing at my lady friend in support to give judgement (on) whether he was right or wrong, as you (can) see in the video. THIS MAN WAS NOT AT ALL CONFUSED."

Meanwhile, the accompanying friend, who recorded the entire incident on his mobile phone, can be heard schooling the man for his comments. He said, "I know the Constitution. Do you know the Constitution? We have the freedom to wear whatever we want".

The incident has led to massive outrage on twitter. Here are some reactions.

What's even more upsetting is that the couple though threatened to file a police complaint against the man, they decided against it. Why? Because the woman assumed that the police wouldn't support her either, owing to the primitive mindset of many.

When will such regressive thinking end? Wearing shorts certainly doesn't make any of us women less of an Indian.

Featured Image: Instagram

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