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Body Hair, Don't Care: Malaika Arora Makes A Statement By Posting A Photo With Underarm Hair

Body Hair, Don't Care: Malaika Arora Makes A Statement By Posting A Photo With Underarm Hair

Body hair for men is a symbol of masculinity. The more, the better! On the other hand, women are expected to wax and shave every last strand because it's the society's idea of beauty.

However, whatever a woman chooses to do with her body hair is her right. If you want to get rid of it, by all means do; but if you want to grow it out and be natural, then flaunt your beauty. In order to bring this realisation home, numerous influencers and celebrities are ditching the razor for a more natural look. Madonna has been advocating unshaven armpit hair for years, and people are still obsessing over Julia Roberts’s hairy pit, which she flaunted at the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999.

1 malaika arora julia roberts with armpit hair

Source: Instagram

Recently, Malaika Arora posted a picture on Instagram, which looks like a snapshot from a professional shoot. In the picture, Malaika is posing for the camera and looking absolutely stunning! But what the netizens noticed was the actress' exposed armpits and a trace of underarm hair.

2 malaika arora with armpit hair

Source: Instagram

There were multiple comments on the picture that trolled Malaika for not shaving her pits. Some were aghast because the actress chose to go au naturel while the other comments were just plain nasty! However, a lot of Malaika's fans supported her for embracing her natural self. The comments ranged from 'underarms toh wax kar leti' to 'being real is the new sexy'.

7 malaika arora

8 malaika arora

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This is not the first time that an actress' unedited underarms have created a stir on social media. Several celebrities feel that armpit hair is no big deal and bear their long-haired underarms for the world to see. Some have even set a red carpet trend while proudly flaunting their hairy pits.

Here are a few leading models and actresses who have challenged the conventional beauty standards by sporting underarm hair, and these women look gorgeous no matter what!


3 malaika arora madonna with armpit hair

Source: Instagram

Lourdes Leon

4 malaika arora lourdes leon with armpit hair

Source: Instagram

Miley Cyrus

5 malaika arora miley cyrus with armpit hair

Source: Instagram

Gigi Hadid

6 malaika arora gigi hadid with armpit hair

Source: Instagram

Thank you for proving that hair is just hair, ladies!

Featured Image: Instagram

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