#HotRightNow: The Eye Makeup Trend We're Currently Crushing On!

#HotRightNow: The Eye Makeup Trend We're Currently Crushing On!

You may or may not like the trends people followed in the '80s or ‘90s but a trend, just like history always repeat itself. With beauty trends, it comes back with a bang! Remember when Meena Kumari used to put winged eyeliner in her movies, well now it’s back. But because it's 2017, this eye make-up trend has gotten a few tweaks but it’s here and it’s thriving on the ramp at New York Fashion Week.


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Bloggers and make-up artists’ experiment have led to the revival of the cut crease from the ‘60s. But this one, like others, also has a new avatar and is now embodying a fresh, modern and minimal look.

Not just that, it has a new name too - The Floating Crease. Katie Jane Hughes, a make-up artist, has given the name to this trend.

So basically, you put a thin line between your lash line and brow and voila! You’re done, it’s graphic but simple. You can opt to apply eyeliner on your lash line or not.


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For the application you can use a pencil or liquid eyeliner, that’s up to your preference. In case you use liquid eyeliner, a clean swipe will do the magic but if you use a sharpened pencil, you’ll have to go bit by bit to get that fine line. And the trend is expected to catch on real fast because everyone is moving towards minimalism. The most interesting part of this whole thing is that you can experiment with almost every colour, nude or even blacks and whites and it suits everyone. Your choice, completely. But it looks the best with neutral make-up on your face.

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