#SummerIsComing: 10 Bright & Happy Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Season

#SummerIsComing: 10 Bright & Happy Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Season

Summertime calls for putting back fun to your boring, mundane makeup routine. If you’re a makeup minimalistic, you might wanna steer clear as there are no nudes allowed beyond this point. Time to play with vibrant shades, glitter, neons and let your makeup be loud as your dad’s snores! 

So, are you ready for some makeup cosplay!?

For Your Eyes Only

Eyes are the window to the soul or in our case - another place to experiment with makeup! Summers call for ditching your usual smokey/winged eyeliner and taking it up a pop!


It is often advised to let your makeup be soft and muted if your dress is hella colourful. But why tho?

We love how Karisma has duo chrome eyeshadow that looks so beautiful with her floral number.

To achieve this stunning eye look,

- Apply an eyelid primer all over your eyelids (or a nice base would do)

- Use a light shade, preferable an off-white or baby pink as your base colour and apply it nicely on your lids and eyebrow bone

- Next, using the brightest purple you can find, apply it just on your lids.

- Use a brush and blend the two colours so that it looks perfectly blended.




We all love a good cat-eye, but can't we quit it already? Why not just up the ante a tad bit like Plixxo blogger, Ankita?

Ditch your black eyeliners and add colourful eyeliners to your cart today. Seriously, just one swipe can make a huge difference to your look. The brighter, the better!

We say stock up your kits with the brightest eyeliners and #DitchTheBoring.


L.A. Girl Shockwave Neon Lipliner - Fiery Red

INR 595 AT L.A. Girl

Why use neutral eyeshadow when you can basically have a Holi party on your eyelids! Can you believe it took only three shades to create this look? To start off, choose the three shades you wish to play with. Then,

- Use the least impacting shade of 'em all and apply a humble amount to your inner corner and a little bit on your eyelid.

- Use a bright berry shade and apply it over your lids and drag it out ('coz you are extra, baby!)

- Use a sunny shade (preferably yellow or orange) and apply it on the gap between your berry eyeshadow and eyebrows.

- Use a bar of soap and a spoolie brush to do a DIY soap brow.

- Add two coats of mascara and you're done.

Make Up

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Fire Eyeshadow Palette

INR 1,850 AT Makeup Revolution Forever

Why rock one shade eyeliner when you can rock three? Pick out two stunning shades that complement well with each other and start making 'eye'conic eye statement!

- Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, use one shade to carve out the eyeliner.

- Next, using the second shade, start from where the first eyeliner ended and drag it out to create the perfect winged eyeliner.

- Use a white or a pale-coloured eyeliner to create strokes around the eye.

Time To Face The Colours

We all know makeup can do wonders to our look, even if you apply just kajal to your eyes. Time to add more colours and depth to your face 'coz we're definitely too cool for the summers!


A flush of blush (no matter how subtle), adds such a nice feminine touch to your overall look. Just swirl your brush into your pan and apply in on the apple of your cheeks. An instant update!


K.Play Flavoured Blush - Frozen Raspberry

INR 645 AT MyGlamm

We are saying no to all kinds of nudes this year. Love nudes? Talk to your partner, we ain't got time for that!

Lipstick is always a great idea as it brings your entire look together. This summer, let's pledge to bring back the brights and apply only the biggest and the boldest colours.

After all, girls just wanna have some fun...

Make Up

Kay Beauty Matteinee Matte Lipstick-Wee hours

INR 799 AT Kay Beauty

If you love pink as much as Tiger Shroff loves being anywhere but on the ground, this one's for you. Time to dabble with monochrome makeup looks!

- Apply the brightest pink lip shade you can find on your lips.

- Use a shimmer based pink blush and apply it on your cheeks and drag it upwards like you're contouring. 

(The blush adds colour to your cheeks and the shimmer adds a striking effect on your face, especially when the light hits).


NARS Orgasm Blush


Time To Nail It Today

Are you in need of a manicure? Put those boring fall colours aside cause our #summermanicures will give you hella energy!


Simple, easy and effortless- how cool are these nails?! 

To recreate this, 

- Use a toothpick and some coloured nail polish and create small rectangles on your all nails.

- Once dried, use a top coat and seal it up.

Pro tip: If you have a colour liquid eyeliner, use it to create fun patterns on your nails as the tip is precise and you can create any type of designs. Just don't forget to seal it with clear polish.


Colorbar Nail Lacquer Deep Blue See

INR 199 AT Colorbar

Hey, french manicure, the '90s called... they want boring back! Time to add a neon twist to your french mani by replacing the white tips with a swanky colour.

Ask your manicurist to replace the white shade or do it at home.

- After filing your nails, add a layer of clear polish.

- Next, apply a bright shade on the tips of your nails.

- Let it dry and seal it with another coat of clear polish.

 (We say match it with your eyeliner today!)


Revlon Nail Enamel, Funky Limelight

INR 225 AT Revlon

Yellow yellow, what a beautiful fellow!

nothing sums up summers like yellow, right? no matter how much you hate the colour yellow, you gotta admit that it's a summer must-have!


Lakme Color, Sunny Yellow

INR 155 AT Lakme

We are so ready for summer, are you?

Featured Image: Instagram