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This DIY Tutorial Will Make Sure You Don't Spend Big Bucks On Highlighters!

This DIY Tutorial Will Make Sure You Don't Spend Big Bucks On Highlighters!

Who doesn't love a good highlighter right? I know I've spent a LOT of time looking at highlighter swatches and binge buying every new highlighter that bloggers rave about. What if I told you that you could make your own highlighter in less than 10 minutes and it could be as popping or as subtle as you'd like?


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Are you feeling particularly inspired this Tuesday afternoon? I know I am. I've been on Pinterest all morning looking for a DIY to spruce up my otherwise Netflix and chill weekend. And guess what?! I've found JUST the perfect DIY for all you fellow LAZY girls! 

Don't believe me? Check out this quick and easy 3 ingredient DIY highlighter tutorial I found on Pinterest. 

Here's what you'll need!

2 tbsp almond oil (Rs 164)

2 tsp beeswax (Rs 309)

1 tsp mica powder (Rs 170)

And here's how you make your own highlighter

- Add all of the ingredients together in a glass jar or bowl. 

- Place the jar in a double boiler on medium heat and keep stirring until all the ingredients are melted and combined. Stir, stir some more, REPEAT. Mica tends to settle at the bottom so stir as much as possible!

- Transfer the mixture into an old eyeshadow or compact pan and wait for half an hour until it sets. 

Voila! Your very own homemade highlighter. Go, get your glow on!

Psst: You can reuse the same ingredients for more such weekend DIY's. Stay tuned for more!

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