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Mahira Khan Dancing At Her Friend's Wedding Is Every 'Banno Ki Saheli' Ever!

Mahira Khan Dancing At Her Friend's Wedding Is Every 'Banno Ki Saheli' Ever!

Everyone who has ever attended their friend's wedding will know how fun it is to go crazy at the celebrations. You can dance, sing, drink and go as crazy as you want. And celebrities are no different than us when it comes to their bestie's shaadi. 

The ever-so-gorgeous actress, Mahira Khan recently attended her friend's wedding, looking pretty in a pastel green lehenga complete with gajra in her hair! But that's not what we are getting at. The showstopper, who sprinkles sparkles wherever she goes did just that at her saheli ki shaadi. She danced her heart out to not one, not two, but numerous songs and Oh My God! Her latka jhatkas will make you want to watch her on repeat. Check out some of her amazing dance moves in these videos:


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Go big or go home is this diva's motto, we guess! And she's definitely going big...


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Hey, Shipa Shetty! Aren't you proud of her?

This is super cool, isn't it?! Oh and btw, we're totally up for copying the choreography for our bestie's wedding too!

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