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Looks Like Mahesh Bhatt Is Raazi For Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor's Relationship

Looks Like Mahesh Bhatt Is Raazi For Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor's Relationship

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are currently one of the hottest couples in Tinseltown. We're can't help but gush over them every time a news about their relationship pops up on our news feed.

Recently, Ranbir and Alia's late-night rendezvous at Bhatt's residence with daddy Mahesh Bhatt in attendance sent their fans into a frenzy.

Rumour mills abuzz with what was going on between them at wee hours. And with Mahesh Bhatt too in the picture, the excitement just doubled.

In an interview with a leading daily recently, Daddy Bhatt said that he was amazed to see the pictures of the night that surfaced online. "I'd let the paparazzi guess if papa is raazi," he added.

He also spoke about how Alia is an adult and she is the one to make choices for herself as it's her life. He isn't the type of parent who likes to intrude in his daughter's life. He feels he is no one to comment on what's between Alia and Ranbir until they choose to do so.

But he was all praises for Ranbir, on being asked about his performance in Sanju. He said, "I like and love him very much. He has got a core far deeper than what cinema space can capture. He astounded me in Sanju. After Amitabh Bachchan’s Deewar (1975), this is the first time I’ve seen an actor take charge of a character, which is iconic like Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir is barely 34 or 35 and though he comes from the great lineage of the Kapoor family, he has a unique charm and talent that’s his own. He is an original, just like Alia is an original."

I like how everyone is just dropping hints one by one. *winks*

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